Our Services

We supply and install industrial equipment of all sizes and types (in the field of industrial equipment, workshop supplies, cranes, crushers, blenders, factories ... We also provide solar energy systems including: lighting system and operation of building equipment and solar powered devices (air conditioners / Heaters / scouts / surveillance cameras / irrigation system) .... We have specialized workshops on the maintenance of devices and equipment that we supply in accordance with the terms of the guarantees provided to our customers

Our Goals

Our goal is to promote the industrial field and satisfy you by providing a service of high quality and reasonable prices and fast service, satisfactory and integrated customers. Achieving high efficiency and improving the speed of supply, installation and follow-up

Our services in the industrial field with international companies


Cranes and gantries

We provide all types of cranes, overhead cranes and engines

Concrete Mixers

We provide mobile and fixed concrete mixers with computer warranty and maintenance

Metallic Structures

Construction of exposed and covered metal structures inside and outside cities

Water Pumps

We provide desalination plants of all sizes and production plants

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire extinguishing systems, central air conditioning systems, hygiene equipment and personal protection and surveillance systems

Waste Recycling

We provide recycling plants (rubber / glass / plastic) with different capacities with guarantee periods.

Concrete Block Factories

We provide automated block factories that help you save time and increase productivity

Prefabricated Houses

We provide prefabricated housing and mobile offices according to the desired design or design, anywhere in Libya

Ground Floor

We provide ground scales for trucks

Solar Power

It's the modern and renewable energy and the alternative and safe for electricity .. Long-term effectiveness and not affected by the ongoing power cuts.

Our Solar Energy Services

Solar Water Heaters

We provide these heaters on surfaces with separate pipes connected directly into the houses

Cooling and air conditioning using solar energy

We provide all types and capacities of refrigeration and air conditioners

Solar Lighting Projectors

High lighting, long life and automatically operated by dark and closed with the first LED light We provide various solar lights for lighting roads, playgrounds, gardens and others

Security cameras

We operate the camera using solar energy


We provide the most important component in any solar system and the batteries we offer in different sizes ranging from 40-210 amps / hour .. It is the most efficient batteries that operate under any circumstances and the cycle of discharge at high levels


We provide many types of inverters such as: grid-connected inverter, inverter, separated by grid and hybrid, featuring: 80-amp solar and electric chargers, providing protection from high voltage and low voltage currents, Household, contains a current stabilizer to maintain the stability of the network and work on the process of charging and generation and save the current automatically.

Solar panels

We provide many solar cells with capacities ranging from 50 to 300 watts. Which operates different systems including: lighting system and operation of home appliances, solar system and the system of cameras

Company Branches

The companys branches in the regions of Libya

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